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Quad Cities Region

Quad Cities Rock Island Bridge

Perched along the Mississippi River at the Illinois-Iowa border, the Quad Cities – which consist of Rock Island and Moline on the Illinois side, and Davenport and Bettendorf on the Illinois side – are anchored by the Rock Island Arsenal.

Defense Footprint: Rock Island Arsenal (Rock Island, IL) Heading link

Rock Island Arsenal (RIA) is an active US Army facility located on a 946-acre island in the Mississippi River. The Rock Island Arsenal supports more than 54,000 active, reserve components, retired military, civilian employees and family members within a 150-mile radius. It impacts over 14,000 jobs, and has a $1 billion impact on the local economy.

From 2013 to 2017, the Quad Cities Region boasted an annual average of:

  • 169 establishments with at least one DOD contract

  • $ 178 millions in DOD sales

  • 2.60 % of total State DOD spending

Relevant Reports Heading link


  • Quad Cities Region Summary (2016)
  • Quad Cities Region Community Profile (2016)
  • Quad Cities Region Defense Industry Profile  (2018)

Partner: The Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce (QCC) Heading link

ILDMC’s lead partner in the region is the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce (QCC), an organization that, amongst other things, provides area manufacturers with the resources and support needed to connect, collaborate, and learn about the technological and digital changes that will transform the face of their industry.

Learn More About the Quad Cities Chamber